V letu 2022 smo na naši šoli gostili dva prostovoljca: Forco iz Kosova in Raula iz Španije. V spodnjem prispevku je njuno razmišljanje o letu, ki sta ga preživela na naši šoli.

European Solidarity Corps – Volunteers in Prestranek

We are Raul from Spain and Forca from Kosovo, the European volunteers who helped in Prestranek from February 2022 to February 2023. Our primary focus was working with children in Prestranek Primary school where we assisted the English teacher in her classes and individual support classes with different kids throughout the year. In Prestranek we also got the chance to plan classes such as the English Literature class, and extracurricular activities, such as Media club. Sometimes we also worked in Miroslav Vilhar Primary school where we assisted teachers in classes with children with special needs, which helped us develop skills such as conflict resolution and creativity. 

During the summer we had the chance to do more different things because of the summer break. We had time to travel, so we took a trip around the Balkan region with two other volunteers and we visited 7 countries and experienced the culture and met people from each country. After our break we worked with Mladinski Center Postojna in the annual kids workshop they organise and we had the opportunity to create games, activities, and workshops for the kids. And before school started, we were volunteers in the annual culture festival in Postojna, called Zmaj ma mlade, which was fun and different from our usual work in the schools. 

This volunteer adventure was remarkable and absolutely worth it! We gained so much experience in different fields, gained an understanding of what it takes to work in a school, and met amazing people from Slovenia and around the world.. We felt very welcomed in Slovenia and appreciated by the people we worked with.

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